Photo Roundup: Strike a Pose in Iceland

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Have you seen the cool photos our travellers are posting on Instagram? For this week's Photo Roundup, we're featuring some of our favourite #nordicvisitor travelgrams from one very fun-loving group of Nordic Visitor travellers.

Instagrammers @bernie.nie, @ekkyaey and @ningwilavi recently travelled around Iceland on a custom-made private tour, enjoying activities like glacier hiking, a visit to a geothermal greenhouse and stops at some of the island's most beautiful natural attractions.

As we've been following their photographic journey — and fun group shots, we wish we were tagging along! Take a look at some of their highlights below...

Stepping it up a notch

The dramatic black pebble beach at Reynisfjara in South Iceland usually steals the show, but the pyramid-like basalt columns are perfect for a photo op.


The column #ekkamon #extremeiceland #beach #reynisjyara#nordicvisitor

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Glacier walking at a popular film location

Did you know? The Svínafellsjöjull glacier in the Skaftafell area was used in the movies "Interstellar" (as an alien planet) and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (as the Himalayas). A guided glacier walk here is easier than you think and an experience you'll never forget.


Up close and personal with Iceland's ice

Have you ever wondered why glacier ice is blue? The professional guides leading the glacier walks do a good job of explaining that, with some compelling visual aids of course!


Hungry after hiking? Eat like a viking

Fermented shark, called hákarl in Icelandic, and Brennivín schnapps are, let's say, an acquired taste. These local delicacies are usually served at Icelandic Þorrablót parties in January to mark an Old Norse tradition.

Somewhere over under the rainbow

Icelandic waterfalls are magical, with or without a rainbow. Not surprisingly, Skógafoss waterfall (pictured below) has a legend of a hidden treasure behind with it!


Color rainbow is here #icelandairhotel #extremeiceland #icelandtrip2017 #rainbow #waterfall#nordicvisitor

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 Since Skógafoss has such a high drop (60 metres) it produces a large amount of mist and lots of rainbows on sunny days. Pro tip: wear your rain jacket here or you'll be soaked from the spray!


Exploring the Land of Fire and Ice

The Eldhraun lava field was created from the devastating 1783 Lakagígar eruption, which covered around 600 square km with lava. Today it has a much softer, more peaceful appearance, and special trails are marked so footsteps don't damage the fragile moss.


Lava field with tons of Moss #icelandtrip2017 #extremeiceland #ekkamon #lava #moss#nordicvisitor

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Let that fresh Icelandic air lift your spirits

Just being in the vicinity of Europe's most powerful waterfall, Dettifoss, is enough to make a person leap with excitement! That's because even before you're close enough to see the falls, you can hear the thunderous roar of the rushing water.


Just for fun.. Dettifoss, Iceland #NordicVisitor

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Special thanks to @bernie.nie, @ekkyaey and @ningwilavi for sharing their photos with us! (Cover image credit: @bernie.nie)

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