Currency rate

All bookings are charged in Icelandic Króna (ISK), the official currency of Iceland. Prices displayed in other currencies are indicative only and based on the daily exchange rate as issued by the Central bank of Iceland. Therefore, conversions from ISK to other currencies will fluctuate from day to day.

Please note that in most cases your bank will convert your payment to your local currency and may charge an additional conversion fee, meaning that the amount you see on your billing statement may differ from the total amount shown in your booking confirmation. If you have any questions about this fee or the exchange rate applied to your payment, please contact your bank.

If you pay a deposit (20% or 50% of the total price) at the time of booking, the remaining amount that is due later will not change price in ISK. However, the remaining payment, when converted to your local currency, will be subject to daily exchange rate fluctuations. To avoid any major differences in rates, we offer you the option to pay in full at the time of booking.

Please use the currency converter at the top of the page or by the price if you want to switch to your preferred currency - For reference only.