My Greenland: Alexandra's adventures in Ilulissat

The following post is part of our "My Destination" series, in which we ask our staff to tell us about their favourite highlights in our Nordic destinations. Today's staff blogger and experienced travel consultant, Alexandra, just came back from a 6-day adventure with colleague Hafdís in the incredible iceberg town of Ilulissat, Greenland.

Read below why she thinks this place belongs on your bucket list...

icebergs in Ilulissat
Ilulissat is actually Greenlandic for "iceberg". The town is best known for the Ilulissat Icefjord, filled with huge pieces of ice calved from Sermeq Kujalleq, the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere. The blue colours result from the intense compression of the ice over time.

One of my favourite highlights in Greenland is the beautiful Ilulissat Icefjord and the chance to sail among the icebergs. The calmness of the ocean, the colours of the sky, the huge icebergs and the only sound you hear is when the icebergs touch your boat and seals jump into the water. This place makes you feel very small compared to Mother Nature and you can only think about how amazed all the scenery makes you.

Ilulissat Icefjord boat tour
Our blogger Alexandra on an icefjord cruise. These tours are especially popular in summer in the late evening, when the icebergs take on the colours of the sunset from the "midnight sun". Oh, don't forget a sweater! (See climate info here)
Co-hiker Hafdís
Co-hiker Hafdís

Another trip we did during our stay was a walk to the UNESCO World Heritage site.The walk is easy and fun and you get to visit the old settlement of Sermermiut, where you can see former ruins of turf houses. The best part of that tour was the amazing view over the icefjord and sitting at the top of the mountain watching the endless amounts of icebergs as for as you can see. 

There were so many other amazing highlights our trip to Ilulissat, like our quick stop at the Knud Rasmussen Museum to learn about the culture and heritage of the town along with the climate change impact on the icefjord.

Ilulissat Harbour
Ilulissat Harbour

We also went on a short city walk where we were introduced to the life of Greenlanders, including a visit to the harbour and a workshop in town where they carve out the Tupilaks. And of course we met some interesting locals at the local cafes and I must say that the Greenlanders are very lovely hosts.

Overall, Greenland is an amazing destination and should be on everyone's bucket list! On my next visit to Greenland, I would love to go dog-sledding and see the northern lights.


Want to do an adventure in Greenland like Alexandra?

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Since the vast majority of flights to Greenland originate from Copenhagen or Reykjavik, we also suggest combining a short break in Greenland to a stay in Denmark or in Iceland.

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