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About Nordic Visitor

Nordic Visitor is a forward-thinking travel agency specialised in creating unforgettable travel experiences. We offer custom package tours for individuals and groups from all over the world to Northern Europe. Learn more at our about us page.

The company has been growing consistently since it was founded in 2002, and today we are one of the largest Icelandic travel companies with more than 70 employees at our offices in Reykjavik, Stockholm and Edinburgh. We offer a lively workplace, progressive human resources policies, career development opportunities, an international environment and excellent work facilities at the company's head office in Reykjavík.


Nordic Visitor as a Workplace

Human Resources
At the heart of Nordic Visitor are outstanding individuals who are responsible, service-orientated, positive and proactive in their work. To this end, we've invested a great deal in developing human resources policies that promote a positive work environment for our diverse staff. 

As the travel industry is very fast paced, we're always striving not just to keep up, but to stay ahead. So we encourage our staff to continually develop their talents with a professional training program.

Work Processes and Organisation
We've been steadily working towards streamlining our operations and improving our work processes.

Nordic Visitor has a clear strategic vision, which staff help shape through regular company-wide workshops. Employees are also kept up to date on major initiatives and regular operations with our monthly internal newsletter.

In order to track all of our major projects, we have implemented work processes and use collaborative systems to enable teamwork. Throughout the years we have also developed and adapted front- and back-office software that communicates with both our external website and accounting system. This system maintains a detailed record of all our tours, as well as income and expenses.

Work Facilities
Nordic Visitor’s head office is located in Iceland. Since 2016, the home of our Iceland office has been Bíldshöfði 20, 110 Reykjavik. This location gives us room to grow, while ensuring a spacious, bright and comfortable work environment for everyone. It also benefits from ample parking and is in close proximity to Strætó city bus stops. The facilities also include a large, inviting cafeteria where lunch is served daily and complimentary snacks, tea and coffee are available during working hours.

The Stockholm office is located in a renovated office space at Alsnögatan 11, on lower Södermalm. The space is bright and airy and offers comfortable working facilities. There is also a beautiful outdoor spaceas the office has access to a large shared terrace overlooking the canal. The Stockholm office space also includes a large conference/lunch room, complimentary snacks, tea and coffee available during working hours, and a shared, in-house restaurant serving lunch, drinks and “fika”.

The Edinburgh office is located at 139/2 George Street in the New Town and at the heart of the city centre. The space is bright and airy and offers comfortable working conditions and a stimulating work environment. Located close to shops, restaurants and the beautiful Princes Street Gardens, the office has views of Edinburgh Castle and Firth of Forth. There’s a meeting room, breakout space and kitchen facilities. Employees have access to complimentary snacks, tea and coffee during working hours.

Work Atmosphere
At Nordic Visitor we place a great deal of importance on maintaining a supportive work atmosphere and positive interactions between employees.

We also encourage open communication throughout the company. Therefore, we regularly conduct opinion surveys, in association with trade union VR, to check on our employees' well-being at work. Time and again, results show that employee attitudes regarding Nordic Visitor, both as an employer and as a company, are very positive.

Employee pride and satisfaction also rank consistently high, so our employee turnover has remained low. In our most recent VR survey, Nordic Visitor scored among the highest of all tourism companies in Iceland in terms of employee attitudes toward their workplace.

Nordic Visitor has been honoured as “Company of the Year” at the Iceland labour union’s annual awards ceremony for four consecutive years, from 2017 to 2020. This is thanks to the positive perception of the company among staff members and the high rate of staff participation in the annual VR survey.

The aim of the survey is to examine the working conditions and well-being of employees, their attitudes towards managers, and the quality of communication in the workplace, to name but a few. Therefore, this VR recognition is extremely valuable to us. It is a confirmation from the people behind Nordic Visitor that we are on the right track when it comes to our focus and Human Resources policies.

The atmosphere outside of the workplace is just as dynamic. Nordic Visitor has a very active employee association, with regular social events organised by both the company and our in-house social committees.

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