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How to Eat Like a Local in Lapland

By: Jessica
Last Updated: 07/05/2024

Nordic cuisine is all the rage right now. But if you consider yourself a bona fide foodie, you'll go beyond the exclusive reservations at trendy Scandinavian restaurants and get your gourmet ingredients straight from the source, just as the locals have done it for generations.

As Nordic travel experts, we routinely send our staff out to our various destinations to test all the accommodations, transportion and activities we offer our travellers. One such inspection trip recently took place in the Kiruna area of Swedish Lapland, where some of our sales team got to try ice fishing.

What is it like to catch your own lunch? We lay it out for you below step by step.

Step 1: Go to a frozen lake

Getting there is half the fun. Following an experienced local tour guide, you'll get to drive (taking turns riding) on a snowmobile about 20 - 40 kilometres away to a prime ice fishing spot in the wild.

snowmobiling in Iceland

Step 2: Drill a hole

If you really wanted to score foodie points, you'd use a hand tool. But the winter temperatures in Lapland are a bit chilly, so you'll appreciate the speed and convenience of power tools. Your guide will tell you where to drill through the thick ice.

drilling a hole in the ice

Step 3: Be patient

This is admittedly the most difficult step. But this downtime gives you ample opportunity to chat with your guide about Lapland and compare Arctic fashion tips with your fellow fishermen. Or even take a nap.

a man lying on the snow

Step 4: Pull a fish up

Did you get a tug on your line? Reel it in and show off your catch! Don't expect good phone coverage out in the wilderness, so wait to post your new profile picture until you have Wi-Fi again in your cosy hotel.

girl holding a freshly caught fish

Step 5: Eat your reward

Preferably do this after cleaning, filleting and cooking over a campfire. Were the fish not biting today? No worries, the guide will have other local foods to offer you, as well as some much-deserved hot coffee.

girl holding a freshly caught fish


We may have skipped over a few essential steps (like baiting the hook) but the tour guide will make everything so easy that all you'll remember afterwards is the thrill of a wilderness experience and the sense of accomplishment.

Think you can catch a bigger fish than us?

You should consider adding ice fishing as an optional activity to one of our northern lights tours or classic Lapland holiday packages. Just ask your friendly Nordic Visitor travel consultant for details.

Post by: Jessica

When not writing about Northern European tourist attractions, Jessica Bowe is busy daydreaming about her next trip or scouring Instagram for travel inspiration. Originally from Wisconsin (USA), she's lived in Iceland since 2008 and has since become fully immersed in Eurovision mania and Scandinavian coffee culture.

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