Photo of the Month - June 2014 winner

Congrats to Ivan Glaser, our June 2014 winner of our Nordic Photo of the Month Contest!

Ivan and his daughter travelled from Australia on our Majestic Highlights of Norway self-drive tour, and this beautiful father-daughter moment was captured at Geirangerfjord. This fjord is one of Norway's most visited natural landmarks, and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

Ivan Glaser with his daughter Nat overlooking Geirangerfjord in Norway.
Ivan Glaser and daughter Nat overlooking the famous Geirangerfjord in Norway.

Ivan was kind enough to fill us in on the story behind this photo:

I am especially happy that you chose that particular photo because of all the hundreds of beautiful places we visited in Iceland and Norway...and of all the thousands of photos I took, that particular moment and photo at Geirangerfjord will be remembered by us forever. It was such an awesome place. Breathtakingly beautiful. The picture was taken with my Nikon D600 on a tripod with self timer...and a fill-in flash to reduce shadows.

You can also see his image as the cover photo on our Facebook page until we choose another winner in August.

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