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Nordic Visitor is determined to ensure the accuracy, confidentiality and security of the personal data the company processes on you. This retention policy is intended to inform you about the retention time of the personal data the company processes on you.
This data retention policy applies to the personal data of Nordic Visitor’s customers. This policy will refer to Nordic Visitor as we or us and to customers as you.
Information regarding the personal data the company processes on you can be found in Nordic Visitor’s Data Protection Policy.
If you are in any doubt about how this policy applies to you, please contact [email protected] for further information.
1. Purpose and legality
Nordic Visitor endeavours to meet the requirements of all applicable data protection legislation and this policy is based on the Icelandic Act no. 90/2018 on the protection of privacy as regards to the processing of personal data (“Data Protection Legislation”), as amended.  

2. Retention of personal data
Nordic Visitor will endeavour to retain your personal data only for as long as necessary for the purpose of processing, unless otherwise permitted or obligated by law. 
Booking information 10 years from date of travel due to possible claims
Payment information (payment, invoices, refunds, etc.) 7 years due to accounting laws
Service surveys 2 years
Cookies Based on customer consent, see cookie policy for more details
Newsletter 10 years, based on customer consent
Further retention of personal data should be lawful only when it is compatible with the purposes for which it was originally collected.

3. Communication with the company
If you have any questions about the way our data protection policy is enforced at Nordic Visitor, please contact:
The company’s contact information: 
Nordic Visitor
Bíldshöfði 20
110 Reykjavík
4. Review 
Nordic Visitor reserves the right to review this policy in accordance with changes to applicable legislation or regulations, or in relation to changes in the company’s processing of personal data. You will be notified of any changes made to this policy with an updated version, in the same manner that this policy was presented to you. 
Any amendments that may be made to the policy will take effect after the updated version has been presented to you.

This data retention policy was made on 23rd of May 2018.
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