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Nordic Visitor’s corporate social responsibility policy

Nordic Visitor’s emphasis on corporate social responsibility is closely linked to our values and strategy. We aim to connect the core of our operations with a responsibility towards our destinations’ communities and environments.

Our ambition is to grow more responsible practices and use long-term thinking as a guiding principle in our work. This creates value for the company itself, society, and the environment.

A photo of The Glens of Antrim Runestone by Tourism Northern Ireland

We aim to have a positive impact on our destinations

Nordic Visitor’s social responsibility is to support and strengthen tourism in all the destinations we promote and to which we sell tours. This way we play an active part in promoting cultural diversity and in strengthening the local economies.

We continue to adopt responsible practices and build trust through our communication with suppliers, local communities, and customers. Our policy is to partner only with suppliers that operate in a socially responsible manner and uphold the same high standards that we apply in everything we do.

In our destinations, smaller communities have flourished with an increase in tourism, including growth in employment opportunities. We are proud that Nordic Visitor has contributed to this by working closely with local suppliers and municipalities, providing support and advice, and selecting local experts for our tours.

We understand the impact that our operations may have and seek to ensure we empower these communities as well as bring awareness to our guests when it comes to their impact.

For this reason, we are constantly developing ways to decrease the impact of travel on local environments and residents. We do this whilst emphasising the positive impact that tourism can bring to communities.

As well as actively working alongside our communities as a wider company, we also encourage our employees to do good for the environment and society. This includes volunteering and looking to enrich not only theirs but other people’s lives.

For example, in Iceland we have employees that volunteer in the Icelandic Search and Rescue Squad (Landsbjörg / ICE-SAR). For this they are given the flexibility to leave work when there are calls. We also regularly support ICE-SAR financially, as we understand its importance, and are tremendously thankful for the volunteers’ selfless work.

We respect our natural environment

Tourism plays a fundamental role in many of our destinations’ economies and can impact their natural environments. This places even greater demands on Nordic Visitor to ensure a sustainable approach in all our operations.

A photo of Gullfoss Waterfall by liljahauksdottir

In Iceland, where our headquarters are based, we are proudly certified by Vakinn. Vakinn is the official quality and environmental certification for Icelandic tourism run by The Icelandic Tourist Board.

Across our different offices we encourage employees to use environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and healthy means of transportation. At our Icelandic office we offer a transportation grant for employees who use an environmentally friendly mode of transport to and from work.

We aim to reduce waste in all our operations. For example, we reached a major milestone in the reduction of paper waste by implementing electronic accounting, electronic signatures, and new procedures when creating travel documents. For the waste we do create, we find new uses or recycle.

We value and respect our employees

Nordic Visitor’s employees are our most important resource. A key factor in our success is the contribution, knowledge, and collaboration of everyone who works at Nordic Visitor. Our human resources strategy is based on our core values: quality, personal, dedication and trust. This way we aim to maintain an ambitious and positive working environment.

Nordic Visitor is honoured to have been awarded “Company of the Year” by Iceland’s VR labour union in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 based on employee satisfaction and perception surveys.

We put great emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming environment for all our employees and strive to make everyone feel safe at work. We have a policy in place to prevent bullying, harassment and violence in the workplace and procedures to follow should any such instances occur.

Nordic Visitor also understands the importance of work-life balance and thus have created a policy which aims to increase the well-being and health of employees. Some successful examples of this is how we are endeavouring to gradually shorten the working days to 7 hours and are offering flexible work locations when needed.

Employees' attitudes towards the company, their job and work environment is regularly surveyed. Results are used to make the necessary improvements to the workplace.

We prioritise our guests’ safety and comfort

Nordic Visitor is committed to providing high-quality, professional, and personal services and our clients’ safety is our priority.

A photo of person standing in front of the Þingvellir church

We have an active safety plan which addresses the safety management system for Nordic Visitor, created and updated in accordance with the Vakinn quality certification. Nordic Visitor’s safety management system is designed not just to respond to emergencies, but to try to prevent them as much as possible.

In the event of an accident or other emergencies, Nordic Visitor has a well-structured response team and contingency plans in place for a variety of different situations. All our clients benefit from having access to our 24/7 helpline during their travels in our destinations and receive a comprehensive travel guide with practical safety information.

We put great emphasis on making customers aware that they also have a responsibility to follow the guidelines set forth by our travel consultants and, when joining activities or tours, that they must follow the instructions of the expert guides.

Nordic Visitor’s Code of Ethics

We follow our Code of Ethics in all our operations. It is as follows:

  • Nordic Visitor is a trusted company committed to providing high-quality, professional, and personal services.
  • Nordic Visitor maintains confidentiality towards customers. We pledge to never use or share any confidential information identifying or relating to customers, except in the proper course of our duties to provide services to the customer.
  • Nordic Visitor shows all its customers and employees the same respect and consideration regardless of gender, origin, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age, social status, and physical aptitudes.
  • Nordic Visitor makes a great effort to ensure that all information provided to its customers are correct and that its advertising gives a true and credible picture of products and services offered.
  • Nordic Visitor prices products and services in a clear manner in accordance with applicable laws in each operating country.
  • Nordic Visitor works to answer all enquiries and requests professionally and efficiently.
  • Nordic Visitor ensures a fair and prompt response to complaints.
  • Nordic Visitor ensures that it provides a safe and healthy working environment, which meets laws and regulations in each operating country.
  • Nordic Visitor ensures that accounting and settlement are handled professionally and according to law.
  • Nordic Visitor is an insured and fully licensed travel agency approved by the local authorities. We follow laws and collective agreements in each operating country.
  • Nordic Visitor makes a point of staff building their skills through creative projects and active continuous learning.
  • Nordic Visitor only selects local suppliers that are fully insured, licensed and who uphold high standards of comfort and safety for our clients.
  • Nordic Visitor demonstrates responsibility for all our destinations’ economy, nature and society.
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