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My Iceland: The South at Leisure

By: Catharine
Last Updated: 17/02/2023

The following post is part of our My Destination series, in which we ask friends of Nordic Visitor to tell us about their favourite highlights from our Nordic destinations.

We at Nordic Visitor love the Nordic region. And, being savvy social media users, we also love seeing virtual photographic evidence of other people loving the Nordic region. So when Chanettee Thanachaiary posted some wonderfully fun and happy pictures of her family's South Iceland at Leisure trip with #NordicVisitor we had to pick her brain about her travels.

Check out some of Chanettee's Instagram snaps below and read about her and her family's adventure along Iceland's magnificent south coast.

Chanettee Thanachaiary -- Iceland South Coast at Leisure
The whole family, enjoying the Blue Lagoon. (Image @phufah_chanettee)

Why did your family decide to travel in Iceland? Was there a special occasion for the trip?

It was our annual family holiday trip. No special occasion but it was special to us as we had everybody -- Mom, Dad, and siblings Chanettee, Sikarin and Chanin -- on the trip. Normally, one or two would have something come up and could not join. We chose Iceland this year because Iceland is on our bucket list, it's a beautiful country and we wanted to experience the cold weather.

Also, we saw a TV show and movie that we liked, The Game of Thrones and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We just fell in love with Iceland. We would like to see the Northern Lights but dad said it would be too cold for him to visit during the winter.

Chanettee Thanachaiary -- Iceland South Coast at Leisure
Lift off! Chanettee gets some impressive air along Iceland's southern ring road. (Image @phufah_chanettee)

What were some of the highlights of your trip?

Swimming in the hot spring among the nature at the Secret Lagoon, the oldest geothermal pool in Iceland. I always wondered how it would feel dipping in hot mineral water in very cold weather! How do I survive the cold weather, in a swimming suit, before and after we reach the outdoor pool? Now I know... it was very nice.

Also, the many gigantic, beautiful waterfalls all being kept so natural. Gigantic Gullfoss, gorgeous Skógafoss and marvelous Seljalandsfoss, especially with the rainbow we saw, we were so lucky.

Chanettee Thanachaiary -- Skogafoss
Enjoying the gorgeous Skógafoss... a view <a data-cke-saved-href=" target=" href=" target=" _blank"="">popular among Nordic Visitor travellers. (Images @phufah_chanettee)

The marvelous scenery of Iceland was another highlight; how it changed so quickly. You drive in the mountains and then you're suddenly in some lava land... wow! It's a totally different world. I thought in some moments we were on another planet, not on Earth!

Chanettee Thanachaiary -- Iceland South Coast at Leisure
Just one stunning view along Iceland's south coast. (Image @phufah_chanettee)

Also, riding Icelandic horses was wonderful. They were just as soft as we had heard and we were also so impressed with the friendliness of the owners of the horses.

Chanettee Thanachaiary -- Horses
Playing around with some photogenic and friendly Icelandic horses. (Images @phufah_chanettee)

What was it like walking on a glacier?

I felt like a Viking! It was exciting doing it for the first time and lots of fun taking pictures there too!

Chanettee Thanachaiary -- Glacier Walk
Climbing and walking on Svínafellsjökull during a South Iceland at Leisure tour. (Images @phufah_chanettee)

Other highlights of the trip for the Thanachaiary family...

Watching Sikarin's hat get blown beyond the rope barrier at Geysir ("We learned that Panama hats were not suitable to wear in Iceland!"), meeting minutes-old lambs and watching them stand for the first time, and jumping around for photo ops on Reynisfjara beach by Vík.

Chanettee Thanachaiary -- lamb
A newborn lamb takes its first steps for the Thanachaiary family. (Image by Sikarin Thanachaiary)
jumping -- Chanettee Thanachaiary
Masterful posing on Reynisfjara beach! (Image @phufah_chanettee)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories with us, Thanachaiary family!

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Post by: Catharine

Catharine Fulton is a journalist and travel writer. Though born and raised in Canada, she found herself stuck in the Nordic region since moving to Finland in 2007 to pursue her MA and then migrating to Reykjavík, Iceland in 2009, where she lives with her Icelandic husband and tries (albeit unsuccessfully) to master the Icelandic language.

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