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2016 06 a tent by luskentyre beach 1000x667

Pop Quiz: Can you name this destination?

By: Catharine
Last Updated: 25/03/2024

Welcome to a fun Nordic Visitor pop quiz! It’s an easy one... and really just an excuse to post a bunch of beautiful pictures from one of our beloved destinations in the North.

Q. In which Nordic Visitor destination will you find...

... this striking cliff and waterfall into the sea? Kilt Rock, Isle of Skye (540x960)

... this mystical cave? Smoo Cave (960x640)

... this rugged terrain?

Kilmartin Glen (960x540)

... these happy little horses?

Horses at Harris (1000x667)

... friendly sheep in emerald green pastures?

Quiraing, Isle of Skye (960x540)

... this picturesque camping ground?

A tent by Luskentyre Beach (1000x667)

... this otherworldly landscape?

A view of Quiraing, Isle of Skye (960x656)

...stunning views in every direction?

Amazing View, Isle of Mull (1000x488)

... mountainous reindeer crossings?On the route from Ullapool to Durness (960x640)

... a serene slice of seaside heaven?

at Lewis (1000x667)

A. If you answered "of course these pictures are all taken in ICELAND!" you're... absolutely wrong!

Each and every one of these pictures was snapped in stunningly beautiful Scotland! We love our not-quite-Nordic destination, not only for its gorgeous landscapes, but for its rich culture and friendly atmosphere. Why not check it out for yourself with one of these travel packages:

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Curious where the pictures above were taken?

  1. Kilt Rock on the Isle of Skye
  2. Smoo Cave
  3. Kilmartin Glen
  4. Harris
  5. Quairaing on the Isle of Skye
  6. Luskentyre Beach
  7. Quairaing on the Isle of Skye
  8. Isle of Mull
  9. The road between Ullapool & Durness
  10. Lewis
Post by: Catharine

Catharine Fulton is a journalist and travel writer. Though born and raised in Canada, she found herself stuck in the Nordic region since moving to Finland in 2007 to pursue her MA and then migrating to Reykjavík, Iceland in 2009, where she lives with her Icelandic husband and tries (albeit unsuccessfully) to master the Icelandic language.

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