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By: Jessica
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Brooke Simpson, daughter of Kyla, enjoys a little swim in the Hofsós pool.
Brooke Simpson, daughter of Kyla, enjoys a little swim in the Hofsós pool. There are many outdoor pools like this in Iceland with incredible views.

Congrats to our new Nordic Photo of the Month winner Kyla Haley Simpson from the United States! The reason we chose Kyla's picture is pretty self-explanatory...can we say cute overload? And how about that view from the pool? Wow.

The extreme popularity of outdoor swimming pools usually comes as a

So friends, always bring a swimsuit. More of our packing travel tips here

You can take a dip in a pool almost everywhere in Iceland: in the smallest of villages, on beaches, nestled in fjords, hidden in mountain valleys and other nearly secret places. Even inside a boat. Plus, it's a great way to meet locals of all ages.

Kyla and her family travelled on our Iceland Complete self-drive tour all around the Ring Road, which has a flexible itinerary for enjoying lots of pools along the route. The hillside pool in their photo can be found in the small north-western town of Hofsós.

The new winning picture will serve as our cover image on our Facebook page until next month. Will you be our next winner? Find out more about our this contest!

Post by: Jessica

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