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2014 11 day 5 north drive

Iceland Ring Road Adventure: Day 5 - Home!

By: Jessica
Last Updated: 07/06/2021

Day 5: home sweet home. We wrapped up our 1,332+ km Ring Road journey today by closing the circle back in Reykjavik. What an epic trip!

First we got to enjoy the morning in the town of Akureyri, the "capital of North Iceland". With roughly 18,000 residents it is actually the second largest community in Iceland outside the Reykjavik metro area.

Nestled in a steep-sided fjord, Akureyri has a charming winter resort ambiance with a ski hill overlooking the town and cosy little cafes lining the historical streets of the centre.

2014-11-01 13.08.51

Top: a stroll just outside the town centre. Middle: our intrepid explorers Sigfús, Hafdís, Jessica and Aníta below the landmark Akureyri Church. Bottom: the remarkable rooftop of Bláa Kannan cafe downtown.


There is a ton of stuff to see and do in North Iceland, so we highly recommend extending your stay in the Akureyri or Mývatn areas if possible. Some of the possible day tours and activities up here include whale watching, super jeep safaris to volcanic areas, caving, geothermal bathing and farm/gourmet tours, among others. As Akureyri is just 45 minutes by flight from the Reykjavik Airport, it's easy to go there even as a day trip.

If you're driving to or from Akureyri, expect some beautiful scenery along the way in northwestern Iceland, especially in the areas of Öxnadalur Skagafjörður and Tröllskagi. The sweeping landscapes and large herds of Icelandic horses made for a great drive home.

Until next time, thanks for following us on our journey! We have many more exciting discovery trips planned.

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This week, 28 October - 1 November, we were out on the Ring Road, the 1,332 kilometre main highway around Iceland. See more pictures from our trip on Instagram @nordicvisitor and catch up on our journey below:

Post by: Jessica

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