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7 Brilliant Reasons to Go on a European Group Tour

By: Camila
Last Updated: 26/10/2023

Are you ready to make your dream trip in Northern Europe a reality? If you want to learn from a local guide and meet like-minded travellers along the way, then a small group tour is the perfect way to explore. Read on for more amazing reasons to join a guided group tour in Europe, no matter the destination you go for.

Opt for a small group tour with Nordic Visitor, and you'll enjoy all the perks of travelling with a guide while having a more personalised experience than you'd get in a larger group.

Check out these top reasons why you should choose a guided small group tour for your next (or first?) trip around Northern Europe.

1. Enjoy a guide’s expertise along the way

One of the best things about joining a group tour is that you can take advantage of having a guide along with you.

As you travel through Iceland, ScotlandIreland, the UK or Norway (or a combination of the Scandinavian countries perhaps?), you’ll have a guide or a tour leader accompanying you. And they will make sure everything goes according to plan.

This means you can go on a trip and enjoy the peace of mind that if you encounter an issue, you’ll have someone to turn to. The tour leader will be with the group during transfers – such as heading from the hotel to the harbour to board your overnight cruise – and during guided tours and other activities planned on your itinerary.

All tour leaders and guides are local experts, meaning you'll benefit from their expertise and knowledge. If you have any questions regarding local customs, the languages, shopping, or even about food, you can ask away.

Small group tour in Skye, Scotland

2. Depend on guaranteed departures and excursions

If you’re thinking of exploring Scandinavia, perhaps you’re planning a route to see the capitals of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, visiting highlights along the way. On the other hand, maybe you want to travel around the whole of Iceland or discover multiple countries on a UK tour? Sounds amazing, right?

Of course you have the option to plan it all yourself, whether you're driving or coordinating train journeys, plus booking tours and trying to stick to a schedule. That’s a great choice – especially if you get your kicks from planning and don’t mind being adventurous or taking things as they come.

But the advantage of booking a group tour – one that includes the highlights you want to see, of course! – is that you’ll have a guaranteed departure date. And you’ll definitely make it to all the cities and towns noted on the itinerary.

You won’t have to worry about arriving in time for your walking tour of Bergen, or wondering when to catch your ferry to the Outer Hebrides. All the items on your tour itinerary are guaranteed. With your tour leader, you’ll visit the most popular highlights, alongside some hidden gems.

As an added bonus, you may even get access to sights you would have otherwise missed, not known about, or not been able to book yourself. All you have to do is relax and focus on taking the best photos to make all your family and friends jealous!

Breidamerkurjokull glacier ©Dagurjonsson Photography
Breidamerkurjokull glacier ©Dagurjonsson Photography

3. Make lifelong friends with like-minded travellers

You never know when you may meet someone with the same interests as you, be that someone from Australia, Singapore, Scotland, Germany or Canada.

As our group tours have a maximum of 16 passengers, you’ll have the time and space to get to know everyone. And you've booked the same tour, so you already have something in common – the desire to discover new countries and cultures.

Are you a bit worried about travelling solo? Joining a group tour could be the perfect solution! You'll get to know your fellow travellers, enjoy meals together, and be with kindred spirits during your extraordinary adventure.

Group tours are quite international. You could be surprised by how much you’ll discover, not only about the countries you’re visiting, but about your fellow travellers and their respective cultures.

Along with partaking in fun activities, tours and cruises together, there will also be opportunities to have dinner and drinks together, to share your experiences, your favourite photos, and to exchange numbers and emails. Some people stay in touch long after their tour has ended!

People in Lofoten, Norway

4. Trust in a safer and easier experience

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the Norwegian wilderness, bathing in the Icelandic hot springs, or sampling Scottish whisky with locals, but didn’t feel comfortable heading to a distant country by yourself, a guided group tour may be just the thing for you.

Having a local guide accompany you will give you peace of mind. If an issue crops up, you have someone to turn to. You will also be able to ask them about local customs, and where is best to eat, or to go for an evening stroll. This means that you can focus on enjoying your trip, making your experience safer and easier.

You’ll also not have to worry about reading reviews of hotels, or trying to figure out which cruise to take. As a local travel agency, Nordic Visitor handpicks accommodation, services, and guides that meet our high standards. All hotels and activities are experiences we’ve tried before and love!

Stegastein viewpoint in Norway

5. Strike the perfect balance for you

If you already love the idea of joining a group tour you may be wondering just how much independence you'll have during your time abroad?

Maybe you don’t want to be constantly in a group, maybe you want to explore on your own, or find a romantic restaurant to try with your significant other.

We understand completely! That’s why our guided group tours strike that fine balance. While you’ll have the structure of a guided tour, the safety net of having an organiser with you and activities planned, our tours also include plenty of independent time for personal discoveries.

If you book a longer tour, you’re likely to have more time to experience some destinations at your own pace. 

Our guided tour groups are also guaranteed to be small. You won’t be packed into a big coach of anonymous travellers! With a maximum of 16 passengers per tour, the experience is cosier and becomes personal.

The tour leader and guides can be more flexible this way, and might customise the tour a little to suit the group. This could mean adding an extra stop at a hidden gem when time allows.

Zodiak tour on glacier lagoon in Iceland

6. Take an opportunity to customise your trip

Along with striking a positive balance between guided tours and some personal time, we also want to highlight the opportunity that our travellers have to customise their trip!

If you book a guided tour on a large coach, you may not get that opportunity, you’ll follow along the tour, you’ll have fun, but that’s where it ends.

At Nordic Visitor we understand that everyone’s wish lists, budgets and interests are different.  That’s why we give you possibilities to customise your guided group tour to fit your needs!

For instance, you can choose to get there few days prior to the tour departing, to discover your arrival city on your own, to relax and settle in.

Or what about a few days after the tour, to stay and really absorb the amazing adventure you just experienced? For example, after a small group tour of the UK we recommend spending at least one or two extra nights in exciting London. This will give you free time to soak up the city's attractions at your own pace.

As well as extending your trip, you could add optional excursions that match your personal taste. Imagine kayaking along Norwegian fjords, whale watching, or even attending a special concert.

We strive to work with you to make sure you have the best trip possible that you’ll remember for years to come!

Touring Dettifoss, Iceland

7. Relax as everything is handled for you

We’ve mentioned all the amazing reasons why you should join a guided group tour around Northern Europe, but one of the main benefits is that it’s a worry-free experience!

The journey for the group tour is designed by Nordic Visitor, based on our own travel experiences and our travellers’ feedback. We have high standards, and carefully select our suppliers, because we want you to have the best trip possible!

Plus, we plan it all for you before you arrive! This means you'll have peace of mind as your personal travel consultant takes care of the details and books all your accommodation and activities for you.

What's more, if you need assistance during your travels, we’re just a phone call away! And a guide or tour leader will be there along the way to organise the tour, give you advice, and tell you all about the local history and culture.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Check out our small group tours in Europe or get in touch with our local travel experts.

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