Enjoy great scenery and ports of call along Norway’s coastline. Tours may also include travel by train or car.

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Why cruise in Norway?

• Voyages between the fjords area
   and Arctic region of Norway
• Optional land excursions
 Sail with one of Europe’s oldest &
   most respected cruise lines

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Cruise alongside whales and icebergs! Enjoy world-class scenery with a ferry voyage along Greenland’s west coast.

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Why cruise in Greenland?

• Exciting shore excursions
• Great cultural experiences
• Cabin with porthole or window
   and private facilities

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Sail the scenic waterways of Sweden, including overnight Baltic Sea cruises or multi-day Göta Canal journeys.

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Why cruise in Sweden?

• Relaxing, elegant way to 
   travel between major cities
 On-board entertainment on
   overnight cruises

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Expedition-style voyages in the Arctic, with wildlife viewing, educational programs and exciting shore excursions.

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Why cruise in Svalbard?

• Ideal for those with a special
   interest in Arctic nature
• Excursions on land suitable
   for all travellers
Comfortable ship amenities

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Sail the waterways of the Vikings! Travel by cruise or ferry between the historic port cities and capitals of Scandinavia.

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Why cruise in Scandinavia?

• Easy, scenic connections 
   between destinations
• Outer cabin with private WC

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